Managed IT Solutions
LightPoint provides the essential IT services your practice needs to thrive.  Our commitment to delivering proactive, client focused IT solutions has made LightPoint one of the largest  medical IT services companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Cloud & Datacenter Solutions
Smart practices rely on data and applications to engage with patients, produce excellent outcomes, and continually improve.  LightPoint's datacenter and cloud solutions create the perfect home for your practice's critical data and applications.

Security Solutions
Our security solutions protect the ePHI and privacy of the patients you see and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your practice is doing things right.

Epic Community Connect Solutions
LightPoint helps health systems extend Epic to affiliated practices and facilities.  Our areas of expertise include infrastructure and support operations planning for Community Connect programs, affiliate infrastructure assessment, IT infrastructure deployment, and go-live support.


Solutions for Pediatrics 
More than any other type of practice technology in the peds offices needs to be unobtrusive  while being robust enough to ensure a line of sick kids and unhappy parents does not form at registration.  Recognizing the needs of Pediatrics, LightPoint has developed a set of solutions to help your practice thrive.

Solutions for Dermatology
Dermatologists not only tackle skin cancer and changes resulting in limited provider networks but also need to consider social media based marketing and outreach strategies.  To help, LightPoint has developed a set of solutions to help Dermatology practices.

Solutions for Women's Health
OB/GYNs need to be up to date on social media and data security while still making time to spend with each patient to understand her health needs and concerns.  To help OB/GYNs, LightPoint has developed a set of solutions to which help your practice find new patients, maintain patient trust, and keep your network running smoothly.




Solutions for RHC/FQHCs
Often with very slim budgets, RHCs and FQHCs go well beyond primary care, providing the dental, emergency care, mental health, and community health services to the patients they serve.  During the 15 years we have been working with RHCs we have developed a set of solutions which help you maintain patient trust, keep your network secure, and make the most of the resources you have.

Solutions for Ophthalmology
The Ophthalmology practices we serve are highly focused on business process and efficiency.  Balancing security concerns with the need for efficiency and a fantastic patient experience is our key focus with our eye care practices.