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LightPoint is Portland's Datacenter and Oregon's IT Department


Great service since 2001

LightPoint is a healthcare IT services company. We provide physician centered technology solutions for medical offices and affiliated industries.   


In March 2019, our clients were

99.1% Extremely satisfied with our service. Not perfect but pretty good! 

Portland's Datacenter  

Oregon's IT Department


Power Distribution in LightPoint's Datacenter

Friends and Partners

Our partnership with LightPoint has been a strength for our program’s success. LightPoint’s leadership & teams care about our success. We partner with them to deploy Epic successfully to our partnered clinics and lean on them to collaborate with us on challenges that arise after go live when we need an unbiased troubleshooting team to work with other IT vendors and our internal teams. LightPoint is there when we need them and a trusted source of information for our program and our partners we serve.
— Lisa Johnson / Legacy Health
Our experience with LightPoint has been extraordinary and upbeat throughout our tenure with them. They maintain ALL of our computers and auxiliary equipment and they also support the ever changing landscape we face with our medical data supplier, which is a tremendous task. They assist us in the purchase and installation of all of our equipment. If a problem arises they are already working on it within seconds.

Working with LightPoint is like having the best possible IT team working in-house. They are our partners, our friends, and our IT guidance counselors & gurus. We love LightPoint, not just the service, the people too!
— Joy Andersen / Asher Community Health Center
We have used Lightpoint for many years after outgrowing other IT service providers. Lightpoint has grown with us and assisted us in business decisions in order to make IT solutions work for our company. Response time is great, items are fixed quickly and when necessary we are alerted about possible risks and failures of our hardware. We highly recommend Lightpoint.
— Glenn Odell / Spectrum Information Services NW Inc.

About LightPoint

LightPoint was founded with a mission to provide exceptional IT support for healthcare providers in the Pacific Northwest.  Since 2001 we have delivered proactive technology services for medical offices, datacenter services for companies seeking collocation, hosting, or cloud solutions, and consulting services for healthcare systems extending Epic to affiliated practices.   


  • Our clients - they are at the center of everything we do.  

  • Hard work - we tackle the big problems.

  • Having fun - work shouldn’t suck.

  • Smarts - we are inquisitive, clever, and questioning.

  • People - our staff, their families, our clients, and our community.

  • Excellence - we strive for excellence in everything we do.

  • Grit - we don’t give up and we support one another.


  • That we give our best every day no matter what the task.

  • Every interaction with clients, partners, and co-workers is fantastic.

  • That clients, partners, and co-workers are treated courteously and with respect.


The belief that we can take better care of our clients than anyone else.




Mural in LightPoint's office


Information Technology Solutions
The essential IT services your practice needs to thrive.  

Cloud & Datacenter Solutions
The perfect home for your practice's critical data and applications.

Security Solutions
Solutions to protect the ePHI of the patients you see.

Epic Community Connect Solutions
Guidance to extend Epic to affiliated practices and facilities.


Solutions for Pediatrics 
More than any other type of practice technology in the peds offices needs to be unobtrusive while being robust enough to ensure a line of sick kids and unhappy parents does not form at registration.  

Solutions for Dermatology
Dermatologists not only tackle skin cancer and changes resulting in limited provider networks but also have to consider social media based marketing and outreach strategies.  

Solutions for Women's Health
OB/GYNs need to be up to date on social media and data security while still making time to spend with each patient to understand her health needs and concerns.  




Solutions for RHC/FQHCs
Often with very slim budgets, RHCs and FQHCs go well beyond primary care, providing the dental, emergency care, mental health, and community health services to the patients they serve.  

Solutions for Ophthalmology
The Ophthalmology practices we serve are highly focused on business process and efficiency.  Balancing security concerns with the need for efficiency and a fantastic patient experience is a key focus with our eye care practices.


LightPoint's Team



LightPoint's team 

Geeky, caring, and representative of the great PNW  


zach Allen, Client Support Engineer

Zach is fueled by coffee and passion for helping people with technology. When not helping people out at work Zach likes to play competitive MTG, walk trails around Oregon with his dog Mya, and visit hole in the wall restaurants. Zach has been in IT for around 3 years now mainly supporting companies in the healthcare field.

David Boxberger, Chief Executive Officer 

An avid skier, fly fisherman, and cyclist, David wishes he could be more often be found on Mt Hood, the Metolius, or Post Canyon.  After nearly 25 years in Health IT, David remains passionate about the use of technology in healthcare. Most recently he has become totally enamored (to the point of annoying co-workers and partners) with the use of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing as a tools to increase efficiency in ambulatory practices.  David currently serves as Albertina Kerr’s Board Chair, provides advice to several local businesses, and plays an active role in Oregon’s health information technology community.

David Braun, Client Support Engineer

Local folklore tells of the screeching howl of that great mythological beast of the Northwest; the enigmatic and elusive Bigfoot... Well, those stories are wrong. Sasquatches aren’t real. That’s just Dave, hooting over a round of disc golf, opening up the throttle on his motorcycle, or stubbing his toe on a log during one of his epic camping trips. Writer, woodworker, musician, and decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor, Dave is a renaissance man born in the shadow of Poughkeepsie, NY’s IBM plant. He has a cornucopia of experience supporting people and technology in nearly every conceivable size and type of business, from wine shops to hospitals. If he’s spotted in the wild, don’t panic! He’s friendly and eager to help, so we occasionally let him out to service clients in the field.

Ryan Brown, Client Technology Manager

Ryan is our resident photographer. Ryan fell in love with photography in high school, but wasted 10 years before making it his favorite hobby. While decidedly an amateur, he has been commissioned for headshots, birthday parties, and even a wedding. Ryan is also a SNOB, that being a Supporter of Native Oregon Beers. Ryan joined LightPoint in 2015 with 10 years of various IT experience behind him. Ryan is currently mentoring as a Client Technology Manager while continuing to tackle projects and escalations on the help desk.

Josh Chudacoff, Client Support Engineer

Josh was born to work on everything technology.  When he was a youngin' he showed an affinity for computers, having started to play around with them back when Windows 3.11 was "the thing".  As he grew up he would spend his summers in his father's garage, helping him build computers, servers and networks for his clients and troubleshot problems as they arose.  He has been working in the tech field professionally now for 17 years, most of that work for a large international tech support company. He is self-taught and self-motivated to learn everything he can about current and up and coming technologies.  When he's not acting like a total tech geek, researching something new, or stuck to his PlayStation, he can be found camping in the forests with his wife and his two furry, four-legged children. 

Alex Feilzer, Client Support Engineer

Alex is a lifetime Oregonian and Portland native who transplanted to bend over a decade ago. He started honing his computer skills when he was just a child through web development, attempting to make video games, and LANing with friends. He enjoys lots of random activities, but he probably wouldn't survive long without his family time and disc golf. When he isn't tethered to a keyboard and mouse, he also enjoys playing several instruments including guitar and ukulele. He also has what some would describe as a crippling weakness for candy.

Brandon Gatke, Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Gatke loves people, technology, and helping LigthPoint’s clients by creating strategic value through Health IT. When not working or networking with great individuals about business and tech you can find him hiking with family through Tryon Creek Park, perusing Sci-fi books, or running across Portland’s famous bridges. He has over 20 years experience leading IT teams and initiatives. Brandon’s goals are to provide awesome customer service with integrity, sustainability, and efficiency.

Alden Goodman, Facilities Manager

Alden Goodman is the facilities manager for the datacenter, which is to say he keeps a room full of servers hot and cold in all the right places. His duties include maintenance and upkeep of the datacenter, assisting clients, consulting on power and space, and building out infrastructure whenever needed. Born, raised and educated in Portland, Alden’s off time is occupied by the outdoors during the summer, and ignoring the rain as much as possible during the winter.

Clark Green, Field Engineer

Clark is our fearless, extreme hiker.  It is hard for him to resist the challenge, endorphin rush and heart-pumping goodness of a wicked-steep Columbia Gorge ridge trail with a fabulous destination view.  Clark has day-hiked the 32-mile Louwit Trail around Mt. St. Helens and the 43-mile Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood, together with colleague Jon LeBre.  Clark joined LightPoint in 2007, first serving as Client Technology Manager and now Field Engineer, and he continues to solve technology problems and provide outstanding service to our clients.

Tim Heath, Server and network Engineer

Legends say that on a dark moonless night if you listen closely through the rustling branches of Douglas firs and drizzling rain, you will hear Tim's manic pickings on a six-stringed pandora of alternative 90's rock. He has been supporting technology for over 10 years, and is usually seen with a guitar in one hand and a keyboard in the other. Most of the time, it's a computer keyboard. When Tim's not working on the help desk, he and his wife (and animals; Cole the Whippet mix and Godzilla the long-haired Main Coon) love adventuring and long to one day own a hippie van to convert into a camper. It takes a lot to ruffle this guy's feathers, and he tries to pass a little bit of zen to whoever he works with.

Austen Lake, Client Support Engineer

Austen is a recent University of Oregon graduate. While a student he worked in IT for the University before moving back to his home town of Portland to continue his career at LightPoint. He is interested in automation, AI and other ways the IT industry will evolve in the coming years and is excited to be working for such a forward thinking company. During his free time Austen can be found at the gym, reading a good book, hiking in the woods, camping at the beach or spending time practicing his skiing on Mt. Hood.  

Lathrop Lougheed, Client Technology manager

Lathrop is our jack of many trades/handyman. He started young as a mechanic, then went to college getting involved in hardware electronics, dove into a career with IT, and then took up woodworking as a hobby. He has the interest to grow his abilities and likes to do things himself. Lathrop recently moved back to Oregon after having lived in Georgia for 10 years, where he graduated from college, got married, and had a son. Let's just say, he definitely missed being in the Northwest if he was able to convince his Southern-born wife to move cross country! 

Jon LeBre, Chief Technology Officer

Jon is our mountaineer.  Give him the chance and he will be exploring Hood, the North Cascades, the Three Sisters Wilderness, you name it.  Jon has climbed all of the glaciated peaks in the Pacific Northwest, and a big chunk of the hills.  Jon joined us in 2008 and serves as our Director of Business Development and leads our Client Management team. In this role, his responsibilities include working with new clients as they engage LightPoint for managed services and ensuring our company is doing its best for our clients. 

George Marques,Client Support Engineer

Some would say that George working with LightPoint was part of prophecy, foretold since the dawn of time as stories from elders to their kin. Stories of slaying monsters, saving countless lives, and sharing information with those around him to ensure the safety of human race. Others would say he is a rare book aficionado with a proclivity for procuring fine cheeses, aged wines and other rare trade commodities. George would say he is a nerd who enjoys helping others and leaving work with a smile on his face.  

Ben McClure, General Manager

Ben is our resident beer geek.  And cheese geek.  And all around foodie.  Ben has been known to brew the beer for our company parties.  Ben pays for all this beer and cheese (it’s really expensive), by maintaining all server, network, and backup infrastructure for LightPoint’s IAAS, datacenter, and managed services clients.  Additionally, Ben manages our projects team and escalation of technical problems to ensure timely resolution of all issues. Ben has held numerous positions with LightPoint and was our first employee. 

Phill McConchie, Client Support Engineer

Portland born and Vancouver raised, Phill has been in the Pacific NW his entire life. He has had a knack for fixing things since the first time he broke his parents 5 disc stereo(and fixed it!). If he isn't meditating in the woods during a camping or hiking escape, he can be found gaming. While he does enjoy Xbox and PC games, he mostly plays D&D or Magic: The Gathering. Whether its troubleshooting a network or battling a horde of undead, you can find a chill Phill at the eye of the storm, making puns.

J.R. Smith, Server and Network Team Leader

J.R. likes to think he can sing.  In his off hours you will often find him haunting local Karaoke establishments, when he is not sitting by a pool pretending to be on a beach in Mexico.  On the clock, J.R. is LightPoint's server and network engineering team lead, and specializes in firefighting.  When the worst happens, everything explodes, and we need to pick up the pieces?  This is the guy we call.  Like GhostBusters.

Josh Smith, Client Support Engineer

He closes tickets. He checks servers. He makes Chili and Fries. Joshua has been with the company for over 6 years and has done a little bit of everything from Server Maintenance to Helpdesk Jockeying to Evening Shift and has worked with a wide array of clients, both Professional and Managed. Originally scouted by David Boxberger when he was building a team of crack operatives to man his then smaller Managed Services company, Josh has watched the company grow and still maintain the same quality of service and integrity towards our clients.

Lillian Susbauer, Office Manager

Lillian’s employer was one of the original users of LightPoint (known as Peer Technologies in those days).  She recommended LightPoint to other clients and now is part of our team.  Every office needs someone who is calming, available, knowledgeable, and (in Lillian’s case) a steadying influence for all employees’ – especially, the new ones.  Lillian is the office knitter, the official Seahawk's cheerleader, and avid fan of the Hillsboro Hops baseball team.  She’s our Office Manager who handles lots of details – a Jack- (or “Jill)of-all-trades and masters everything else.  

Mark Whitney, Senior Systems Engineer

Mark is the old guy in the datacenter. After decades of work in the enterprise IT world Mark brings his skills and experience with physical and virtual systems to our team. Always focused on the best solution for the customer, Mark will stick with an issue no matter how challenging. When not chasing gremlins in computer systems, Mark can be found chasing the light with his camera in the hidden places around our state. From the green of the forests, to the roaring power of the ocean waves, to the vast open spaces of Eastern regions, Mark loves to seek out what many never see and share what he finds with his photos. 

Want to spend your day with great people doing great stuff?  Join our team.