Oregon's IT Department

LP Support—Comprehensive IT support for small and mid-sized businesses

From selective out-tasking to client service focused, complete IT management,  LightPoint has a support program for your business.  LP Support has the following components. 

Helpdesk— Professional and courteous remote and on-site support

Server—Proactive server and network monitoring and maintenance

Security—HIPAA risk assessments and security guidance

Adviser—Virtual CIO, IT strategy, budgeting, and planning

Project—Expert resources to complete projects

Simple Approach

For a fixed monthly fee, we provide the competent, courteous, and proactive computer and network assistance that your office deserves and needs to thrive. This approach results in an environment where applications, servers, desktops, and network devices work together to support the success of your business.

Healthcare, law, & Professional services

We specialize in supporting medical, legal, financial services and professional services companies - companies which depend on information technology to deliver service and provide value to their patients or clients.  We have significant experience with Epic Community Connect and the process associated with preparing and supporting offices using Epic and other electronic health records.

Unique Capabilities

LightPoint is the only managed services provider that owns a commercial datacenter.  By leveraging our datacenter and managed services capability, LightPoint is able to tailor a computing infrastructure which precisely meets your needs.  As those needs change, your office can utilize our resources to add support, virtual servers, storage, backup systems, or cloud computing technologies.

CLIENT Service

We believe the core competency of any service business is customer service.  While we take pride in the high marks our clients give us, we know we can do better.  We survey every ticket and immediately follow up on any response which is not rated as good or excellent.  Our clients consistently rate our service as 98.6% good or excellent.  


LightPoint’s managed clients are paired with a Client CIO.  LightPoint Client CIOs are experienced technologists who are responsible for understanding your business and understanding your goals then applying our resources to help you achieve those goals.

Help Desk and Remote Support

LightPoint’s managed clients benefit from our help desk.  Your office will be provided with a unique phone number to use when calling our help desk, allowing us to automatically route calls to your support team.

When calling LightPoint’s help desk you can expect a LightPoint employee, in your time zone, familiar with your computing infrastructure, who has probably visited your office a number of times, to answer within three rings with the greeting of “Thank you for calling LightPoint.  How can I help you?”    

Our help desk is available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PST) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

On-site Support

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to resolve a problem remotely.  In those cases LightPoint will dispatch an engineer or technician to your office to resolve the issue on-site.   While on-site our engineer will be courteous and attempt to resolve the problem as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption to your staff.  

Our on-site support is available from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (PST) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  

After-Hours Support

Unfortunately, computers, networks, and servers sometimes fail after-hours, often when it is least convenient.  If that happens and you absolutely have to work, LightPoint’s emergency after-hours assistance may be obtained by dialing our main phone line and pressing 1 to be connected to the on-call engineer.    

Server and Critical Device Monitoring

LightPoint will monitor critical devices and services within your office’s infrastructure and respond when an alert is received.  Typically, LightPoint monitors servers, firewalls, routers, switches, and key services.  Our goal is to identify issues before you become aware of a problem.  

rubber chickens and burritos?

We've developed a few traditions since 2001.  Every Friday we provide a free lunch to our staff (and any clients or friends who visit)  Originally, Friday lunch was burritos from a food cart.  When one of our folks does something heroic, excellent, above and beyond the call of duty, or just really cool they are awarded the Giant Chicken of Support.  It's a great day when we give out multiple chickens.