Portland's Datacenter

LP Hosting—Hosting and collocation services in Downtown Portland

Datacenter services made easy.  We cater to innovative companies who need a datacenter partner that will be responsive to their technology requirements and can provide value added managed and consulting services.

The space you need

Whether you have one or one hundred servers we have space for you.  LightPoint can accommodate single servers in our hosting cage.  For clients requiring racks we provide 1/3, 1/2, and full 42 U racks.  Need even more space?  No problem.  LightPoint can provide private cages as well.   

THE service YOU want

Our goal is to provide you with the datacenter services necessary to help your business thrive.  Our team can assist with determining space, power, and connectivity needs.  When it is time to move in our facilities and network team are available to help with racking equipment and configuring network access.

Great Power

LightPoint is the only commercial facility in Oregon located on a power grid, rather than the radial system.  Each cabinet or rack is provisioned with redundant electrical feeds, with each feed taking a separate path from the main breaker to the device.  All of which is backed up by our UPS and generator.

Great Internet 

While our carrier neutral facility is served by nine telecommunications providers many of our clients choose to utilize LightPoint's fast, burstable, and multi-homed internet connections. Our connections are fully redundant all the way to your rack and we don't manipulate BGP - so your packets never have to take an unnecessary detour. 


Ok, we are not so convenient if you are located in Hillsboro, but if you want easy access to your systems and like downtown Portland we are your best bet.  As an added benefit we are ideally situated between two fantastic groups of food carts. 


LightPoint offers five layers of security to protect your infrastructure. First, LightPoint is located on the top floor of the Historic US Bank building. Our exterior is surrounded by the building’s 14-foot-tall, 2-foot-thick limestone frieze. Second, building access requires a proximity card and code. Without that, entry onto the floor (and even use of the elevator) is impossible. Third, to gain access to the datacenter, a LightPoint-issued smart card is needed. The card activates a biometric scanner, and if the card and palm print do not match, the door to the datacenter will not open. Fourth, a special key is needed to open the cage that houses your rack. Fifth, after getting into the cage, a different key is needed to access the rack itself. Want more? We can provide additional custom security provisions.

Beyond all this, security cameras record everything, from the sidewalk outside the building to your rack, and a Genetec security system alerts us to any intrusions.


LightPoint’s datacenter is equipped with a two-tiered fire suppression system. In the unlikely event of a fire, a waterless fire suppression system (FM 200) can be deployed either manually or by automatic sensors. This Fike/Cheetah FM 200 system is itself redundant, with twice the capacity necessary to extinguish a fire in the facility. The system is interlocked to our HVAC system and backed by dry pipe pre-action sprinklers, which eliminates any chance of a leak or premature discharge of water.


LightPoint’s hosting and IAAS solutions provide computing infrastructure for companies seeking the flexibility and reliability of a highly robust environment without the capital expense. We offer managed and unmanaged solutions.


LightPoint hosts applications and data for companies who need the reliability, security, and availability of an enterprise solution but lack the scale to build and maintain internal infrastructure.  LightPoint provides backup, monitoring, and patch management services for hosted servers.


Our IAAS solution allows you to specify the amount of processor, RAM, disc space, and backup you require. Managed and unmanaged IAAS solutions are available. 


A private cloud from LightPoint hosts all your applications and data in our reliable, secure cloud infrastructure allowing secure access to your data, email, shared files and office applications from any device, anytime, anywhere. LightPoint utilizes virtual desktops to deliver cloud content. 


LightPoint provides virtual server infrastructure for companies seeking the flexibility and reliability of highly robust server infrastructure without the upfront capital expense. We offer managed virtual servers which include space, power, and connectivity and all patches, backups, and server administration necessary to keep the server functioning properly.